I have oily acne-prone skin

I have oily acne-prone skin and have been using balms & serums, but 'Oil Free' products don't seem to help at all. Any suggestions?

Oily skin is an issue for lots of people and the use of oils as a remedy can be confusing. Good quality, cold pressed vegetable oils are easily absorbed into the skin rather like watering a plant. Mineral oils are not easily absorbed and sit on the surface of the skin which makes it look oily. Interestingly, oily skin is often simply a result of over-stimulation by products which claim to "dry it out" & the pores react by over-producing sebum/oil.

Most creams are made with a combination of oils and waxes to which water is added to give it a 'creamy' texture. To stop it from separating or developing bacteria, emulsifiers and preservatives need to be used to stabilise the product. It is often these added stabilisers that cause problems. Balms and serums are, simply speaking, creams without the added stabilisers - they don't need them because they do not contain water.

If you want a more creamy texture from your balms or serum simply apply them to damp skin. You will only need a little to begin with and once your skin gets accustomed to the more natural combination, it will absorb more efficiently and start to look just peachy!

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