A Mail Order customer, Georgia has been in correspondence with Glenda about her Skincare Routine and bought our Mini Facial Skincare Kit to try out our 100% Cleanse, Tone & Moisturising routine. Georgia said;

"Many thanks for your email. I have already purchased the mini facial kit, but I have been concerned about trying the cleanser as I have previously read that coconut oil can be pore clogging. Can you confirm whether this could be the case with your cleanser as I am currently a bit nervous to use it."

Hi Georgina, there is no reason what so ever for Coconut Oil to clog pores, particularly fractionated coconut oil as we use. This means that it has been mechanically separated (no chemicals used in the process), to take the fatty part of the oil away. The fatty part is the fragrant part of coconut oil which is why ours doesn't have a fragrance. It could be that some people feel that full fat - so to speak - coconut oil would be too rich for cleansing but many people absolutely swear by it for just about everything including eating it!

Anyway, ours is super light and is easily removed with water while any residue is easily absorbed by the skin rather than sitting around on the surface & clogging it. I hope this puts your mind at rest.
Best wishes,


Glenda Taylor
Glenda Taylor

November 25, 2014

Hi Janet,
Plant oils don’t lock in water. That’s mineral oils like the very famous Baby OIl!! This can be a problem as it can also lock in bacteria and dirt :( Vegetable/plant oils allow the skin to breath as their molecular structure is finer. They all have slightly different properties though. Olive oil is fine but rather fragrant so not always ideal. Virgin Olive Oil is also very thick and would work better mixed with a lighter oil like Peach Kernel or Coconut Oil. Thicker oils can be used on their own but only a tiny amount is needed. I would argue that clogging/bumps etc were due to other conditions present or the use of sub standard or out of date oils. I hope this information is helpful.


November 15, 2014

I know oil has been said to be good moisturiser as it locks the water. Does it mean any kind of plant oil will do the job? If so, will extra virgin olive oil (which you can easily buy from supermarket!) do the same as many other oils such as rosehip oil? But then on the other hand, there have been people reporting pores clogging/little bumps appear on face after using extra virgin olive oil for awhile.

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