Hibiscus Face Mask by Memoirs of a Chronic Chick

balm balm balm balmbalm beast of a spot face hibiscus mask

"A Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask has been sitting in my bathroom looking at me saying when you going to try me lol, so last night  I felt a humongous beast of a spot coming on....you know those ones you feel under your skin and you can just tell its going to be a doozy and thought well lets give this a go.  Now the thing about this face mask is that it comes in powder form and to use it you mix a tablespoon of the powder together with a drop of warm water to create a paste which you the put on your face simples.....when I first used it I added a little too much water and it was too runny and would more than likely have just run down my face, so after adding a little more powder I got the right consistency.  To mix I used a little glass ramekin we had and a normal tablespoon as long as they get washed thoroughly its ok.  It starts off as the white powder butturns into a purple paste that smells really pleasant.  I felt like a was a chemist or something mixing it together myself it was fun :)

The mask felt gritty when applying but nice, it felt refreshing with a cooling effect which I really liked.  Your supposed to leave it on for 10minutes but I left mine on slightly longer, I was too busy faffing about but I'm sure if its on longer its not going to do any harm.  As the mask dries it is meant to draw out all the impurities from your skin and the instructions suggest that when removing the mask damp your face with a little water and the mask then turns into an exfoliater which you massage into your skin, woohoo who doesn't love a 2 in 1 product???"

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