Why is frankincense oil good for me?

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Balm Balm founder, Glenda Taylor, says why Frankincense is her favourite essential oil and how it can help smooth fine lines.
Organic Frankincense Range by Balm Balm, Cleanser, Tonic and Facial OilFrankincense has been my favourite essential oil for a long time now. I love the way it has so many layers and intricacies, a little fresh, a little woody, a little ‘incensey.’ To me it is more of a feeling than a fragrance. It makes you feel like taking a deep breath, like you are diving into cool water on a hot day or warming your hands by a beautiful log fire on a cold evening – almost magical and indeed it is reputed to put you into a trance like state but without knocking you out so personally I find it the ‘go to’ oil for times when you need a little help. With this in mind I put together my most recent skin- care products. Frankincense can help to smooth out fine lines and it is my belief that this is not just because of it’s effect on your skin but more to do with its effect on your mind. It is so calming and meditative that the stress lines on your face simply ‘relax’ away. You know how on a ‘good’ day, your hair and skin miraculously look and feel better? Well, Frankincense turns those few minutes when you are applying it to your skin into a ‘good day’ and used regularly, you can train your mind into keeping in touch with this concept using the power of fragrance as an anchor or reminder, to simply slow down and take one step at a time.

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