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Gnomeland the Movie Poster

A whacky title for a post we have to admit. Reason is that Balm Balm are a friend of the Producer, Francesca Jaynes and we became a supporter of this VERY cute and sweet movie. We even had our logo roll up at the end which was nice. Balm Balm went along to the preview in Soho yesterday and met the cast and crew - all very 'glam' and fun. 

Francesca says, "I've often thought that the funniest source material for a writer comes from real life. When used in storytelling, the tragicomedy of our own everyday misadventures, and the kernels of wisdom that they reveal, tend to really resonate with audiences and let us laugh at ourselves and the ridiculousness of our lives.

And so was born the story of Gnomeland. Gnomeland cast and crew Friends of mine moved to the country in search of a better life and to leave behind the complications of city living. From this premise we enter the world of Gnomeland, and a comic fairytale for the modern age.

Will everyone live happily ever after? Perhaps, but beneath the absurdities lie the simple realities...that the grass is seldom greener and that love will appear when you least expect it...and that gnomes and dwarves really don't get along at all!"  

The cast comprised of: Debbie Chazen, Cecilia Colby, Ben Fox, Robin Guiver, Nick Haverson, Harry Myers, Mitchell Turner, Tony Turner, Michael Xavier.

If you click here, you can see a sneaky preview of the movie


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