Compress and Other Ideas

Compresses can be used to ease muscular aches and pains, sprains, bruises and headaches. The compress can be applied hot or cold. In general use hot for deep aches and pains and cold for sprains and headaches. Usually you can tell which is needed. For instance, a hot compress applied to the abdomen or lower back is extremely comforting for period pains. A cool compress on the forehead or neck is soothing for headaches. Simply fill a bowl with hot or cold water. Add 6 drops in total of essential oils. Swish around. The oils will stay on the surface. Get a clean cloth and lay it on the surface of the water. It will absorb the essential oils floating on the top. Wring the cloth and apply to the area you wish to treat. Reapply hot compress when it cools. (I say hot but make sure it is not so hot that it burns) 

Although as a rule essential oils are not used neat there are one or two exceptions. The main one being when you use essential oil in tiny amounts as an antiseptic. Lavender and Tea Tree can be applied by the drop to cuts, stings, spots etc. It is sometimes easiest to apply the oil with a cotton wool bud. This method zaps the area being treated, cleaning and healing it.

Use lavender neat on burns. This will accelerate the healing, guard against scarring and ease the pain. Warts, veruccas and athletes foot can also be treated with neat essential oil. Again lavender and tea tree are used but Lemon is also very effective on warts and veruccas and myrrh is good for athletes foot.

This is not one of my favourite methods though it works very well. I just don't like the taste and you do need to be careful not to swallow the oil. Pour 2 to 3 drops of tea tree, lemon, sandalwood, clove or basil into a glass of water, agitate and gargle. Rinse your mouth with this solution too. This works well for sore throats, mouth ulcers and gum disease.