Dill Essential Oil

Peucedanum Graveolens ;

soothing, calming, babies
Part of plant - seed. Country of Origin - Nepal 

by Glenda Taylor
A lovely unusual oil that is perfect for babies suffering from colic. It has a soft aniseedy fragrance that will remind you of Gripe Water, being one of its main ingredients. It soothes tummies and calms the senses for babies and grown ups too.


Tummy aches & cramps, sleep, stress, appetite regulator, nerves.



Pour 1 x dessertspoonful of Peach Kernel Oil into a 10ml bottle.


3 drops of Dill

2 drops of Lavender

Halve the amount of essential oil for babies under 1 year.

Replace cap and shake before use.

Gently massage stomach in a clock wise motion.

Use for babies, children or grown ups, for tummy aches & cramps.