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BB Frankincense Facial Range

Frankincense Facial Range by Balm BalmThree wonderfully effective organic products to keep your skin feeling happy, healthy and youthful. Made from organic oils and waxes, each product will work synergistically with all skin types. This is because your skin will absorb as much or as little of their precious ingredients as it needs.

Use them individually or in our 1,2,3, routine for really healthy, glowing skin. Frankincense is well known for its rejuvenating effect on the skin but did you know that it is also reputed to improve deep breathing and thus improve circulation? Good circulation reflects in beautiful skin so... take a deep breath with our wonderful Frankincense Facial products and let your skin breathe too

Balm Balm, the UK's leading 100% Organic Skincare Company.
Biteable Beauty 2013Our products are gorgeously simple consisting of Balms for your whole body in Fragrance Free, Rose Geranium & Tea Tree, Bath & Body Oils for Babies and grown ups too, Eau de Parfums that can be used individually or layered for stunning personal combinations, pure Organic Essential Oils - Natures medicine chest, Carrier Oils for blending or for using alone, a Facial Skincare range for all skin types, (try out our mini pack to see how the whole routine can bring a glow to your complexion) and a few gorgeous additions that we just couldn't resist such as our wonderful little Handbag Mirrors, that have become quite a cult, 'must have' addition to every makeup bag. If you haveKT Tunstall sensitive skin, or any kind of problem skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, give Balm Balm a go. We are not promising to cure anything but we know that you will love it's gentle formulations and want to take advantage of the fact that apart from being 100% organic, all Balm Balm products are free from parabens, SLS's and preservatives. If you are lucky enough to have perfect skin, you will love Balm Balm too for its wonderful simplicity and feel secure in the knowledge that all Balm Balm ingredients are certified Organic by The Soil Association and that we use only responsible eco packaging. Balm Balm really make Organic Beauty products with a difference. Enjoy our site and feel free to ask us anything you like - within reason!!