Spearmint Eau de Parfum 33ml
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Spearmint Eau de Parfum 33ml

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  • Spearmint is fresh, cool, fun and clean.

    Each of our Single Note Eau de Parfums has a character of it's own and can be worn alone or combined with any of the others to create your own individual mood and scent.

    For combination ideas go to suggestions tab.

    This is a single note 100% organic Eau de Parfum with just essential oil and pure grain alcohol. Our packaging is FSC Sourced and Certified Carbon Neutral. Ingredients are 100% Organic, 100% Natural and approved by the Soil Association.
    • Here are some suggestions, but make your own combinations for the best fun you’ve ever had with fragrance.

      REFRESHING...bergamot + spearmint

      INNOCENT...lavender + mandarin + bergamot

      BOLD...ylang ylang + petitgrain + bergamot

      FUN...bergamot + mandarin

      MASCULINE...petitgrain + bergamot + spearmint

      STUDIOUS...spearmint + lavender + bergamot

      OUTRAGEOUS...all seven single notes for a kaleidascope of fragrance

      SIMPLICITY...any single note worn alone for it’s stunning simplicity

  • Spearment

    Mentha, Viridis Leaf Oil

    Country of Origin - U.S.A


    100% Organic & Natural Grain Alcohol

  • Frequently Asked Questions . . .
    There is often some concern surrounding alcohol though people are often not really sure why. Alcohol used in toiletries usually has a denaturant added to it before supply to manufacturers to make it unpalatable. This denaturant cannot currently be achieved organically so in order to uphold our 100% Organic standard we have used grain alcohol without a denaturant. This means that there is a licence fee on this grade of alcohol which elevates the price of our perfumes. However, we are sure you will think it is worth the added cost to know exactly what you are putting on your skin. Our Organic Grain alcohol is far gentler than its synthetic counterpart usually used in perfumes. This means that it will not dry out or aggravate your skin in the way that some perfumes can.

    What is grain Alcohol?
    Organic Grain Alcohol is a "Potable Spirit" derived from the fermentation of organically grown grain. It is distilled twice under approved conditions to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards. Complies with Council Regulation (EC) 1576/89 29th May 1989 and UK Food Solvent Regulations. The grain source can be either Rye or Wheat

    What is standard - non organic alcohol?
    Synthetic Ethanol is produced from Ethylene, which is rectified from naphtha extracted from oil. It is distilled twice to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards and denatured to UK regulations. Synthetic Ethanol is denatured during production with Bitrex (10ppm) and t-Butanol (0.1% v/v)

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