About Balms

Lip Balm is the one toiletry product which cannot help but be ingested, yet the market has been dominated by Petroleum Jelly based products - and who wants to eat mineral oils? These petroleum based lip balms just sit on your lips and basically, form a barrier whereas Balm Balm is 100% natural & organic and moisturises your skin. It means you do not have to reapply so often, leaving you more time to do much more interesting things with your time!

You might find the texture of Balm Balm a little unusual to begin with. Creams that are usually applied to the face usually have water in them. Water is fine, but in order to preserve a product that contains water, petrochemicals are used. We haven't used any water which means that we don't have to use any petrochemicals which means that all our products are really good for you. This results in a ‘balm' like texture, thus the name Balm Balm. We simply tweak the ratio of waxes to oils to make our products ‘harder' for our Lip Balms or ‘softer' for our Face Balms.

Keep Cool!

To prolong the life of your Balm Balms, simply keep them cool. They will melt at approximately 32 degrees but don't worry, just pop them in the fridge and they will soon harden up again.

Gritty is good!

Once you've hardened up your Balm Balm it may be a little gritty. This is because it has hardened up too quickly but it is not a problem at all. In fact, it is a nice texture which melts away quickly. It is simply due to the lack of nasty chemical emulsifiers so enjoy the grittiness, knowing that it is Balm Balm's little way of reminding you it is completely natural.