About Us

Hopefully you will find out all you need to know about us here. Anything lacking, drop us an email or call any time and we will endeavour to help. Balm Balm feature three logos on the packaging. These are;

  • SOIL ASSOCIATION: This is Britain's leading Organic Certification Body and most (but not all), of our products listed are certified by them. 
  • BUAV: The Leaping Bunny shows that we are part of the campaign against cruelty to animals and have no animal testing with ANY of our products
  • REAL BEAUTY MANIFESTO: The Real Beauty Manifesto was founded in 2015 with the aim of uniting natural and organic beauty brands in support of a more holistic vision of honesty, integrity, community and sustainability.



Transparency & Clarity We are by no means zealots - but we are determined that everything we do is simple with every ingredient clearly described with no hidden 'nasties'. The fact that every product we make is 100% Organic and 100% Natural does make that pretty easy for us mind! When you study our products online, we have included a list of all ingredients and lots of tips and uses by Glenda. We are certified by the Soil Association so you know; 
a) We have our ingredient and manufacturing process chain examined and verified each & every year. 
b) Our product batches and tracing of these across every order is tracked.




We are a family company and try to make as Green a footprint as possible with Balm Balm. We use recyclable packaging and are proud that from September 2009, all new packaging has been of FSC approved source and that our manufacturer is a Carbon Neutral company.




Glenda Taylor was the founder of Balm Balm. She was an aromatherapist, perfumer and natural formulation consultant. She founded Balm Balm, a 100% organic skincare company in 2005. Balm Balm is the result of Glenda's dream to create an affordable 100% organic skincare range with wide distribution and Soil Association certification.