How much Essential Oil can I add to my bath?

For most Essential oils it is recommended to use a maximum of eight drops. Six is often enough to start with and only use more when you feel confident and are familiar with the effect of the oil on your skin. If you have a sensitive skin we recommend to first do a skin patch test to determine if you are sensitive or allergic to the oil. 

Skin Patch Test

To do a skin patch test mix one drop of the essential oil with a teaspoon of sweet almond, peach kernel or any other base oil. Apply a small amount of this mixture to the inside of your elbow and leave uncovered for one whole day. Do not wash this area. If after 24 hours there is no sign of itching, discomfort or swelling it should be safe for you to use the oil.

Drops per Bath

Here is a dosage guide for various Balm Balm essential oils :

Bergamot: 4 - 8 drops

Eucalyptus: 4 - 6 drops

Frankincense: 4 - 8 drops

Grapefruit: 4 - 6 drops

Lavender: 6 - 8 drops

Lemon: 4 - 6 drops

Sweet Orange: 4 - 6 drops

Peppermint: 6 - 8 drops

Rose Geranium: 6 - 8 drops

Rosemary: 4 - 6 drops

Tea Tree: 6 - 8 drops

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