Natural Perfumes vs Mainstream Perfumes

Mainstream Perfumes 

Once upon a time all perfumes were made from essential oils, absolutes and resins - all of them 100% natural ingredients. However, with the advent of cheap synthetics in the late 1800's many perfume manufacturers switched away from natural materials, particularly the expensive ones such as Rose Otto, Jasmine and Tuberose to name just a few.

As perfumes became more affordable the sales volume of popular perfumes skyrocketed. Spritzed on in every airport duty free shop and fronted by celebrities the volumes meant that these perfumes could no longer be made by hand from natural ingredients, but rather, had to be made on an industrial scale using cheaper aroma-chemicals. While these last a lot longer than natural fragrances, they lack the subtlety and depth of the real thing. 

Natural Perfumes

Natural perfumes, on the other hand, are still made from the pure, natural essential oils, absolutes and resins extracted from the flowers, fruits and woods.

The Balm Balm range of natural perfumes are what are known as single-note perfumes - this means that each of our 5 fragrances contains only one ingredient with the alcohol base. They can be used individually or layered on top of each other to create fragrant combinations. We have suggested a few possibilities in the description accompanying each scent.

Balm Balm Natural Perfumes are also vegan and cruelty-free, making them the ideal gift for Valentine's day, birthdays or Christmas!

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