The Benefits of Frankincense

Often described as the king of essential oils, Frankincense has many uses and benefits. It has been valued for millennia for its ability to rejuvenate aging skin, soothe irritations and refresh tired skin. The perfume of Frankincense is known to produce feelings of peace, relaxation, and overall wellness. We have created a whole range around this most versatile essential oil:

1. Frankincense Deep Cleansing Balm: an incredibly moisturising, deep cleansing balm that refreshes and rejuvenates as it cleans. Hydrating and healing, it is the ideal way to remove make-up. Simply massage the Frankincense Deep Cleansing Balm into face and neck then remove with damp muslin cloth.
“This is the most effective cleanser I have ever used, and I am amazed by the lack of chemicals and results it provides. My skin which is normally dry and slightly red has become moisturised and the redness has settled and is non existent. I have never achieved these results with any other cleanser that I have used I would very much recommend!!!”
– Customer review

2. Frankincense Light Facial Oil: Our Frankincense Light Facial oil blend is made from Apricot Kernel oil, Evening Primrose oil, Jojoba oil and Rosehip oil to nourish, condition and protect the skin, Frankincense essential oil to rejuvenate and smooth out fine lines and Grapefruit essential oil to refresh. Leaves your skin rejuvenated and refreshed!

3. Frankincense Soothing Facial Tonic: made from pure Frankincense hydrosol, the soothing, cooling & meditative by-product from the steam distillation of Frankincense essential oil. Soothes away irritations and refreshes and rejuvenates tired skin. Spritz it on to clean skin to refine, refresh and soothe skin texture.

Remember, Frankincense has been used in beauty routines for millennia, valued for its properties and fragrance. Frankincense flower water or hydrosol is very delicate and must be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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